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 [SmartOSC] Junior PHP Developer

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Join date : 16/09/2015

Bài gửiTiêu đề: [SmartOSC] Junior PHP Developer   Mon May 23, 2016 4:36 pm

PHP Developer

Role: PHP Developer
Quantity: 5
Working place: Hanoi


• Participate in software, eCommerce, web development projects for clients in Europe and North America
• Carry out assigned tasks to meet all deadlines.
• Design & implement changes/extensions to meet customer’s requirements & deadlines
• Write documents for codes.
• Identify and resolve defects.


• At least 1 years of experience in PHP coding
• Up to date with current PHP programming practices and principles
• Good knowledge with popular PHP frameworks
• Have experience in PHP web development
• Excellent in object-oriented programing knowledge and experience
• Good knowledge of JavaScript and can apply OOP practice with JavaScript
• Can work in English speaking environment
Having the following skills is an advantage:
• Experienced working with GIT/SVN, LAMP technology
• Experienced with e-commerce, SEO, HTML/CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery.
• Experienced with Magento/WordPress/Drupal/Joomla and other CMS and e-commerce system.
• Experienced with Linux or Windows server, deployment and configuration
• Good teamwork skills and have experience in highly-standardized work environments
• Professional and ethical behaviors
• Critical thinking and problem solving skill
• Good at both verbal and written communication skill
Benefit: At SmartOSC, we offer the bests to your values
• Attractive salary package, up to 1500$
• Onsite opportunity in Europe, Australia, US.
• Salary review twice a year
• Premium health care up to $3,000/year
• Working in No.1 Magento's partner in Vietnam – Professional English environment
• Free English and Management training packages
To Apply: Please submit your CV to job@smartosc.com with the following information:
• Job Application Letter with “PHP Developer” in the subject line.
• Updated CV in English, including your contact e-mail, phone number and salary expectations.
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[SmartOSC] Junior PHP Developer
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